Destination India

Namaste!  A lovely salutation to introduce India to you!

‘Passion for Travel’ welcomes you to the land of culture, tradition, hospitality, an undiscovered country dotted with treasures of "heritage sites", The Taj Mahal, forts, palaces, desert, teeming market, rising mountain peaks, ornamented temples with high rising towers, a dazzling coastline and much more to discover as a traveler. Travelling in India is always a dream for the vacationer changing one’s life into a mesmerizing experience; the moment you step out of the airport and the moment you leave the country.

India has always fascinated foreigners for its cultural wealth and trading in the past. A desire to see and having seen once, by even a glimpse, no other place would give that glimpse in rest of the world. A land of contrasts where your eyes will be wide opened where ever you go. It amazes you when a road jam diverts the two-wheelers on pedestrian path ignoring the person on foot while the four wheel drivers will try to make as many lanes as they could to get out of the traffic at once. From the car window, it seems to be a motion picture you are in without action as everything goes around you without giving you a chance to think……..Describing India is like writing a never-ending chronicle so why not this time India in your wish-list.

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