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Travel and Leisure – the two words are attuned to each other. We just don’t say that we organize both for you – we promise to make your holidays impeccable. ‘Incredible India’ is just not a slogan of Indian Tourism but it is what we believe in. Being in the Travel and Tourism Industry for many years, our personalized services have placed us at the highest positions among the tour professionals assuring you to showcase the best of India with extensions of Bhutan and Nepal. With an unrivaled knowledge, our dedicated team of experts work 24 x 7 to find untouched and unique destinations beside hot spot ones to plan a lifetime holidays for you.

India- the five letters are the soul of it – Incredible: Never Ending: Dreamland: Intimate: Awesome – From East to West OR North to South, our tour plans are full of adventures and comforts to enchant you at the same time taking you in the deeper and remote territories of the country to share the unrevealed ‘India’. Let us share thoughts to design your dreams holidays with comfort, luxury and adventure – So why not plan ‘Your Signature Holidays for Lifetime’

Bon Voyage

Team ‘Passion for Travel’



Trina Child has loved travel as long as she can remember and is never happier than when going off to experience cultures and customs in remote places. After falling under the spell of India years ago, she decided to stop exploring other parts of the world and plunge into the rich culture and heritage of this endlessly fascinating country. A British citizen, Trina worked in wildlife conservation in the UK before becoming involved in the travel industry. She has extensive knowledge of India especially Rajasthan, Karnataka, Kashmir, Kerala, Uttarakhand and the north-east states.


Chantal Ward

After falling under the spell of India from a book in her youth, Indian culture, beautiful sites and places offered in every corner of the country, India became her dream destination. Chantal took her first visit to experience India in year 2007. To explore the untouched destinations, she traveled India, year after year after her first visit. The passion for promoting India became her dream. She lives in her home town promoting India and a hidden destination to the world "Bhutan- "The Mountain Kingdom".


I fell in love with India when I was 16. I met a family who had traveled a lot in India and in their house everything was an invitation to discover this wonderful and mysterious country: pictures, paintings, food, smells, jewels...

From this moment, I knew that one day I will go to India. When I was a student at university, all my research works had something to do with India: linguistic politics, culture, literature.…

In 2006, for the first time, my Dream became true: I put my feet on Indian ground and I discovered Rajasthan with my husband.

Then, we traveled to India year after year. We have already visited: Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh. When we go back home, I always think about our next trip to my Beloved country.

I’m in charge of the International programs of a High School in France and for the first time, 10 years after my first travel to India, I have organized a tour with 15 pupils. As the family I met so many years ago, now, my dream is to make discover India to people. Passion for Travel is not just a company but a gateway to experience this country with passion and it goes on and on…….



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