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Passion for Travel – the name epitomizes our image for the perfect travel solution if you want to “Experience India” and not just “See India”.

Come to us to fulfil your travel dreams and needs to plan them your way and to witness the multiple facets India offers on a grand scale.

We believe Travel and Leisure are compatible with each other. We don’t just say that we organize both for you – we promise to give you an unforgettable and impeccable holiday.

We specialize in private tours for small groups as well as single travellers according to your taste, interests and hobbies. Your itineraries can cover: Architecture, Ayurveda, Bird watching, Indian Cuisine, Festivals, Photography, Jaipur Blue Pottery, Hand Block Printing, Wild life, and more, to accommodate your requests.

Our private tours are varied with a wide selection of comfortable stays from home ones to bed and breakfast, tented accommodations, luxurious hotels or posh mud huts, taking you in the deeper and more remote regions to let you appreciate the unrevealed India and its neighbours Bhutan.

Being in the Travel and Tourism Industry for many years our personalized services have placed us at the fore front of Tour Professionals, assuring you to encounter the best of India and beyond.

With unrivalled knowledge, our dedicated team of experts work all year round to find untouched and unique destinations along with popular hotspots, thus offering you memorable holidays.

India- the five letters are the soul of it – Incredible, Never Ending, Dreamland, Intimate and Awesome.

India, this vibrant country, is the gateway to a multitude of unforgettable experiences and is dotted with awe inspiring treasures and spectacular destinations:

In the North, admire the religious Sikh and Buddhist enclaves of Amritsar and Dharamshala, to the splendours of the Bhutan Kingdom with its amazing Dzongs. and Monasteries with its varied styled stupas, fringed with the breath-taking backdrop of the Himalayan range, then the hill station and tea plantations of Darjeeling, the hidden gems of the Sikkim state and the vibrant cultural Kolkata, towards the Eastern remote 7 sister states, not yet fully explored. Retracing our steps back towards the East, we discover the tribal regions of Odisha, the centre of Buddhism of Varanasi and Gaya, then the West takes us to  the vast and grandiose Rajasthan with unimaginable contrasts, leading us to the colourful state of Gujarat, then towards the South-west to the impressive and bustling Mumbai, the spectacular multi-coloured sky high temples of Karnataka,  the cool hill station of Ooty and tea plantations before reaching the palm fringed beaches of Goa as well as the tranquillity of the backwaters of Kerala, and  the rich Southern States, the Portuguese legacy in Cochin and the French influence in Pondicherry.

From its varied wild life to the splendour of its culture, from adventure to its astounding past, come with us to “EXPERIENCE the passion for INDIA”.

Whether you are planning to visit the Taj-Mahal, one of the greatest jewels of the world or to explore the grand splendours of the Raj Palaces, capturing a sunset or one of the numerous big cats in  pictures, to bask on the endless dazling golden beaches, relax on a rice barge in the tranquil water of Kerala, gaze at the intricately carved temples of Khajuraho, feel the rural rhythm of life in remote villages, experience the legacy left by Moghul Emperors in the endless Red stone edifices, the churches built during colonial power, the imposing forts, citadels left by the Maharajas, sail down the Ganges, the list of what we can offer is endless to make each and every one memorable  experience. This will reflect and take in our vast legacy, inspiring culture, magical rituals and traditions to make this country “the one and only” to present you with a warm welcome in hospitality and satisfaction.

Let us share thoughts to design your own very special private dream holiday with comfort, luxury and adventure – “Your signature Holidays for a Lifetime”

Bon Voyage

Team Passion for Travel



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